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OMR Admission Form

OMR Admission Form

Every college or university has to deal with lots of admission forms every year. Checking Feeding each admission form manually is a big task and hence most institutes issue OMR admission forms to the students. The advantage of this type of admission form is that it gets evaluated entered into softcopy automatically when it is scanned. With a good OMR software and a normal scanner, it is possible to evaluate huge numbers of admission forms easily.

Instructions to Fill OMR Admission Form

The admission form is different from the application form, which is something that asks for preliminary information about the students. The admission form, on the other hand, asks for more detailed information. Along with the name, date of birth and other such basic information, the admission form requires information like name of the students' parents, marks acquired by them, etc. As this information would be recorded with the institute, it is important that no mistakes are made while filling the form. Therefore, it is essential to know about the rules of filling the OMR admission form.

The OMR admission form is a document that would help you to secure admission in a college or university. Hence, make sure that you fill the form carefully without making any errors.

OMR Application Form Samples for Universities & Colleges

OMR Admission Form