Addmen OMR software offers unique combination of OMR and ICR technology for OMR mark sheets

Addmen’s OMR software can read and design OMR mark sheets that have both OMR and ICR elements.

Addmen OMR software has introduced OMR mark sheets that are attached to subjective exam answer sheets. These mark sheets make transferring of marks to the computer system easy, less time consuming as well as free of errors. The mark sheets only have to be scanned, and then they are read by the OMR software and the marks are automatically transferred to the college system.

St. Aloysius College in Jabalpur makes use of these OMR mark sheets for their semester examinations. The OMR sheet is divided into three sections.

The first section is to be filled by the students and contain details like semester, subject code, exam roll no., etc. These details have to be filled in the OMR format too which can be read by the OMR software. This section has a barcode which can also be read by the OMR software. This section is separated from the main sheet before sending it to the examiner.

The examiner receives the answer sheet with Part B and Part C. Part B has to be filled by the examiner after checking the answer sheet. The total marks received by the students have to be written as well as filled in the OMR format. The OMR software can read both the OMR bubbles as well as the written text as it has ICR technology along with OMR technology. ICR or Intelligent Character Recognition is a technology that helps to read written text.

As it has both OMR and ICR technology, any discrepancy between the written and filled marks is detected by the OMR software. It then sends alerts to the user who can correct the mistake manually. This rules out the chances of manipulation as well as errors while entering the marks.

The second section also has a barcode to identify the person to whom the answer sheet belongs to. Usually, the examiners do not receive the section where the students have mentioned their roll numbers and other details. This is to avoid manipulation in marks. Once the sheets are checked and the marks are added, the sheets are identified with the help of the barcode which can be read by the OMR software.

The Part C of the answer sheet remains with the answer sheet and provides detailed marks (question-by-question) received by the students. This sheet also has a barcode which, again, helps to identify the actual mark sheet in case the sheet has to be given for revaluation.

Addmen OMR software is a pioneer in providing complete as well as unique OMR solutions. This OMR software is used by prestigious educational institutes, government agencies, private companies, etc. for all their OMR requirements.

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