OMR Answer Sheet
Answer Sheet

OMR Answer Sheet

OMR or Optical Mark Recognition sheets are being used in various fields, and there are two types – OMR forms and OMR Answer sheets. These sheets are generally used during the competitive examinations. The layouts of these sheets differ based on the necessity and the standards set by each educational institution. Addmen OMR software has made the process as easy as it can, and it simply reads black marks from the sheet to check the answers marked by candidates in the OMR sheets.

How are OMR Answer Sheets Used?

OMR Answer Sheets resemble any OMR sheet containing question blocks and answer bubbles for responses. Students are required to fill these bubbles to mark their answers, using blue or black ball point pens. Completed sheets are then scanned using a regular image scanner, and these scanned images are then read by the software to correlate the answer responses with the defined answer key and process the results.

Types and Uses of Answer Sheets

You can use the OMR sheet designer software to easily design OMR answer sheets. You may download some samples of OMR sheets from our website.