Manage the Hostel records Automatically and Proficiently with Hostel Management Software

Hostels are generally utilized by outstation students or students living in far-away places who invest part of energy going amongst home and school. Keeping all records of the hostel such as total no.of rooms, no. of rooms available, Fees management, details of the each resident etc. is a complicated task.So, Admen is here to help you with our Enhanced Campus Automation Software.This software will handle the complicated task of keeping records proficiently.


  • With the hostel management software you will be able to maintain the record of students details which are necessary for the hostel registration. It also helps you to take out the details of students with its elaborate searching mechanism.
  • Enhanced Campus Automation software can keep all the detailed information about building blocks of hostel and its size and capacity in its catalog.
  • If a student wants to take admission in hostel then you can easily check for the availability status of rooms on a particular floor with the hostel management software.
  • Hostel Management software offers the suppleness of investigating and analyzing the hostel records block-wise, floor-wise and  room wise.
  • Whenever you want to check for the particular students individual information like date of joining, date of ending you can check it at the hostel management software, which is a part of our ECAS.
  • If a student selects some services like laundry, mess then you will be able to update in software. This software also offer the fees management options and one can view and print all the details stored in its database whenever they want.

Considering the necessity of handling a detach part of campus like hostel, this separate element is incorporated in the Enhanced Campus Automation Software.

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