Transport Management Software to Manage Transport System


There is always a different section for running a transport system because it engages regular scheduling and time management. A transport system is usually a self-sufficient body because of the complexities involved in managing the regular transform between home and school, colleges, universities, work place, etc. ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System) has incorporated a transport module into the software to manage the mode of travel information of students or employees.

Managing Transportation Using ECAS

  • ECAS offers you all input details for transport like bus route, timing, stop, starting point, etc.
  • You can obtain the transport details of students route-wise, stop-wise, time-wise, etc.
  • If a student opts for school bus travel between home and school, bus fees can be applied through the software.
  • Pulling transport details of a student from the software gives all information regarding transport status, transport fees, fee dues, caution money, transport cancellation, etc.
  • Such a transport management software is very useful to determine the necessity of vehicles needed for transport.
  • Not only students, but managing transport details for staff is done through the same module.
  • There is usually no bus fare for the staff but this can be applied if the organization has a different transport policy for their staff.
  • Some universities and colleges offer cabs instead of buses for students living in remote places. ECAS offers you all the suppleness of transport details for students opting for different modes of travel.
  • If there is any propaganda or inconsistency in the travel details of students, it can be easily tracked using search filters according to bus timings, stops, route, etc.
  • A school has fee plans for students opting for monthly, quarterly or annual payment of transportation fees. All this can be viewed and handled through this transport management software.


This is how ECAS can efficiently manage the transport system thereby eliminating lot of hassles faced by students.





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