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OMR Software Reports

The best thing about Addmen OMR software is that it gives you the freedom to present the data as you want. Be it simplified concise reports or detailed graphical reports, all kinds of reports can be created using different layouts and formats that are provided in the software. That is why many organizations and institutions use the OMR answer sheet checker for checking and evaluating OMR answer sheets and hence, generate reports for declaring results.

Integration With Third Party Software

It is up to you whether you want to use your own format or use the available format for creating reports. If you want to use the already existing formats, you have a wide range of options including PDF, Excel, Printable, CSV, DBF, Access, XML, etc. To create your own report, you can integrate it with a third party software.

What Type of Data can You Export after OMR Evaluation?

It is very important to note that the software does not provide the data in API/DLL or SDK formats.

OMR Software Reports
Excel Question Response Values
OMR Software Reports
Excel Question Response Scores
OMR Software Reports
Excel Question Response Result

Types of Printable Reports With OMR Software

Addmen OMR Sheet Checker Software - Reports & Screen Shots

Addmen OMR Sheet Checker Software - Reports & Screen Shots

Question Analysis Report
Question Analysis Report

One of the various types of reports is the question analysis report which gives detailed analysis of the answer sheet. This analysis report displays the detailed response statistics of every question asked in the test. All this is explained in the video.

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Graphical Progress Report Graphical Progress Report

Here you can view a video about the graphical report generated by the software. This report provides graphical details of every candidate's performance. Each candidate receives multiple pages of reports of his/her performance. These reports display the growth and performance of every individual.

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Report : 1
Result Simple Maritlist
Report : 2
Excel Question Responce Valus
Report : 3
Outputs in Exce Outputs in Excel

Take a look at the video which shows how the software exports the data received by the test checking software into output files like Excel. It is possible to use the data either by editing it in Excel or by integrating it into third party software.


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With all these features and options available, it becomes very easy to upload OMR software reports on your website for declaring the results.

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