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Send Result by SMS

Sending the results of the candidate can be done using the OMR scanner software, which facilitates sending the result in real time. This is the simplest and the quickest way to deliver the results to the candidates in a convenient and an economic way.

Can we Send the Results Through SMS?

Addmen OMR software comes with a built-in feature for sending the results through SMS. Additionally we can send some external Excel files not related to results along with the SMS.

Can we Send all the Student Their Results at a Time?

Yes, we can send the results to all students at a time. Every student will receive only their result.

How to Send the SMS Result?

The OMR software comes with the ability to store the roll number, name and mobile number. With this data, we can send the results.

OMR Test Result Bulk SMS Price

Is Sending SMS is free?

No, it is not free of cost. This feature comes for free with the software, but you have to pay extra for sending the SMS.

Can we Send SMS not Related to Exam Results?

Yes, we can send SMS not related to results. These messages are specifically termed as Transactional SMS, and they can contain information related to Institute fee, package, discount, etc.

Is it Possible to Send SMS to DND (Do not disturb) Mobile no?

Yes, we can send Transactional SMS to DND mobile numbers. Promotional SMS's can't be send to DND numbers.

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