Online Test Results
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Online Test Results

Online OMR Test Result Shows :

  • OMR Sheet of the candidate
  • Graphical Performance Report
  • Question wise Test Analysis
  • Solutions & Description to Online Question

It is possible to send SMS of OMR test results and online test results

The SMS system is an inbuilt feature of the OMR software, which is integrated into the online exam system software. While this is free of cost, you need to buy SMS credits to actually send the results.

This utility can also be used to send other types of SMS.

Is it possible to Display the OMR Results on a Website?

Yes, you can display the OMR results on your websites. You will need a sever domain and a webpage login to post the results online.

What is an MCQ Test?

MCQ tests are objective exams based on multiple choice questions. Here, the students are asked to choose the correct answer from the given choices for a question.

Which is Better - OMR Format or ONLINE Test?

It very difficult to say which one of the two test patterns is better. Both ways of conducting exams are very reliable and provide a certain level of transparency. Major exams that are sensitive and require a high level of transparency use OMR sheet based exams.

What is Method for Uploading the Results in Websites?

Results are directly uploaded onto a website using the OMR software, in tabular formats.

How are OMR Sheet Results Processed?

OMR sheet results are processed with help of Addmen OMR scanner software, which is capable of recognizing predefined answer patterns to correlate the data and calculate the results.

Can we View the Full Result in the Website?

Yes, we can view the complete detail of the results in the web site. Students can view their marks per subject and their overall result.

What Details we can Get From the Online Result ?

We can obtain online results in both statistical and graphical formats, and the latter is proven to be very effective for analyzing the candidate's performance.

How to Get the Results on Site?

The online display facility can be rented on a pay-per-use basis; or the feature can be bought by making a one time payment.

What is the use Displaying the Results Online?

Displaying the results online gives the candidate detailed results that can be accessed and viewed by every candidate at the comfort of their homes. Updating the result online gives a lot of transparency to the examination.

How Will a Sample OMR Sheet Used of IIT Exam and Bank Examination Look?

Online Test Result

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