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OMR Sheet Design

OMR or Optical Mark Recognition software helps you read and process OMR answer sheets and many types of OMR forms. The OMR software also has an inbuilt sheet designing facility that helps you to design and print the OMR sheets on your own. In other words, you get the OMR sheet design software when you buy the OMR answer sheet checker software or the OMR form reader software. You do not have to pay anything extra for this.

Sheet Design Part 1: How to Design a OMR Sheet Template by Duplicating Existing OMR Sheet Template?

Sheet Design Part 2: How to Design a OMR Sheet Template from Blank Template?

OMR Sheet Designing Process

Types of OMR Sheet Design Layouts

There is no limit to the number of OMR sheets you can design with the help of the OMR sheet designing software. From OMR answer sheets to OMR application forms and surveys, you can design them easily using the OMR software.

OMR forms: OMR forms are available in the form of application forms, admission forms, feedback forms, survey forms, etc, as the best means for collecting information from a large group of people.

OMR answer sheets: Exams or tests that have multiple-choice questions make use of OMR answer sheets for conducting objective type entrance exams, as checking and evaluating the tests becomes an easy and a quick process.

Special purpose OMR sheets: OMR attendance sheets, mark sheets, quality cards, etc. are known as special purpose OMR sheets. Hybrid sheets are also special OMR sheets as they are a combination of OMR answer sheets and OMR forms .

OMR Application Form

Example of OMR Application Form

OMR Answer Sheet

Example of OMR Answer Sheet

Types of Blocks

Duplex OMR Sheets

The OMR sheet designing software gives you the option of designing duplex or two sided OMR sheets. This means that the OMR bubbles are printed on both sides of the sheet. Although you can have as many bubbles as you want in one side of the sheet, if you have too many questions, it would be best to divide the questions into two pages of the same sheet. The OMR software also has the ability to read such sheets.

OMR Sheet Calibration

The OMR sheets designed with the OMR software are calibrated during the designing process. So you do not have to spend any extra time for calibration like in the case of the old OMR designing process. If you have pre-printed OMR sheets that have been designed using the old OMR technology, you can use them by calibrating the sheets with the OMR software.

Award Sheet Calibration

Calibration of Pre- printed Sheet

Language of the Text

Export, Edit, Print

OMR sheet Design with Addmen OMR Sheet Designer

Glimpse of OMR Sheet Designer Interface

OMR Sheet Designing Instructions

There are some sheet designing instructions that you should know about:

As mentioned earlier, the OMR sheets can be printed with normal inkjet, laser and such other printers. Even photocopies of the OMR sheets can be used. However, make sure you use a good quality photocopier for this purpose.

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