OMR Bubble Size

The bubbles are one of the most important elements of the OMR sheets. The bubbles found on the OMR sheets have to be filled completely in most cases. This is because the OMR software reads dark marks on the OMR sheets. This makes it important to have the correct bubble size while designing the OMR sheets.

The OMR sheet designing software provides the facility to alter the size of the bubbles to fit as many number of bubbles in one sheet of paper. However, there is an optimal size for the bubbles too. This has to be followed while designing the sheet. It is not possible to make the size of the bubbles too little to fit all the bubbles in one page.

Ensure that you follow the rules regarding the size of the bubbles while designing the OMR sheets. This would make sure that the students are able to fill the bubbles properly without any problems and the OMR software is able to read the marks without any confusion.