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Question Paper Generator Software can handle all types of questions structures:
With Options Without Options
Multiple Choice Theory
Fill in the blank Numericals
True or False Diagram making
Column Matching Common Passage

Diagrams, Formulas, Equations & Pictures
can be included in the question and answer

The question paper generator software by Addmen can be obtained as a separate module of the OMR software. You can use the question bank and question paper generator software for creating question papers, not only for objective or OMR based examinations, but also for subjective examinations. This makes the question paper generator software quite a popular product.

There are several features that make this software a much sought-after product. Let us take a look at the question bank and paper generator software features.

Question Entry and Classification Features

Question Content Features

Question Bank Input Word File

Input and Output Formats Features

Input and Output Formats Features

Question Selection and Shuffling Features

Question Analysis Features

The exam maker software has the ability to provide dynamic rating of the questions in the question bank using statistical parameters like item discrimination index, difficulty level, etc, by correlating the results with parameters like, number of questions attempted, number of questions answered correctly etc.

The features of the Addmen exam generator software are unique and at the same time useful too. It is a great tool if you have to create question papers on a regular basis.

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