SSC OMR 100 Question sample sheet

The Addmen SSC sheet provided here possesses 100 multiple choice questions which have four options. The sheet is a coloured one with instructions printed in two languages: English and Hindi. It is easy to take the printout of this sheet and to use it for practice. Here are some of the details of this OMR sheet.

  • The OMR sheet begins with an instruction for the student where it is specified that in case of incorrect coding, the student would get zero marks.
  • In the next block, the student has to write his/her name although this cannot be read by the OMR software. This is only for reference.
  • The next three blocks are where the student has to write as well as fill the OMR bubbles for test form number, roll number and ticket number.
  • The 100 questions are divided into five options. Each of the bubble has text written inside it so that the student can mark the right answer option.
  • On the left hand side of the sheet, the students are given clear instructions to fill the OMR sheets only using blue or black ball point pen.
  • At the end of the sheet, it has been stated that any wrong answer would lead to negative marking. The student would lose 0.25 marks in case he/she fills in a wrong bubble.
ADMEN SSC 100Q page 001
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