OMR outsourcing solutions

Addmen’s OMR or Optical Mark Recognition software is the best OMR software in India. It provides complete OMR solutions, starting from designing to processing the results and even generating the report cards. Apart from providing the OMR software, Addmen group also offers OMR outsourcing solutions to its customers or clients.
The OMR software is usually used for entrance exams, recruitment tests, form reading, etc. Our OMR answer sheet checker and recruitment software are the best products available in the OMR industry today. While using the software for designing and evaluating the OMR sheets is quite easy, it is possible to outsource the work to us.
Pre-recruitment process solutions
For the pre-recruitment process, we offer both OMR form design as well as OMR form printing. These forms can be used for registration of the candidate for the recruitment test. We also design forms that have unique numbering or barcode. Once the forms are filled, we use the OMR form reader software to read the form and extract data. Apart from these facilities, we also generate and print admit cards.
Recruitment solution for selection test process
Addmen provides the necessary services for the recruitment test process. We not only design and print the OMR test sheets but also pack and deliver them to the test centers or client office. We also provide scanning and evaluating process with the help of a professional scanner and the advanced OMR answer sheet checker software. Once the tests sheets are evaluated, the software generates the report cards which can be printed by downloading from the website. Results can be sent via SMS too.
Online recruitment software and services
Our OMR software services are not limited to live examinations. Rather, we also provide OMR solutions for online recruitment examinations. If your candidates are spread around the country and cannot take the test or exam at the same place or at the same time, the online recruitment software and services would be apt for you. With the online registration software, we can create an online registration form, admit cards, OMR exam sheet, etc. We also declare the results through the website or via SMS.
More than 2300 organizations have been using our OMR outsourcing services for several years. What helps us to remain in the top is the fact that we constantly try to improve our software products. We also take into account our customer’s feedback to help us provide better services and products. For us at Addmen, customer’s satisfaction and trust are of utmost importance. You can contact us to know more about our OMR outsourcing solutions.

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2 Responses to OMR outsourcing solutions

  1. Clifford M. Green says:

    It was only after we set up 6 more Coaching Classes in Mumbai did we realize the magnitude of cost associated with conducting OMR exams. We owned two OMR scanner machines which were installed in two of our existent branches. But with six more, we needed a convenient, inexpensive, and smart solution for conducting fortnightly and monthly aptitude tests. And with a little research, we came across the best OMR software solution the market has to offer today – Addmen OMR Software.

  2. Jesus A. Cole says:

    Earlier, we used to exhaust a lot of time and money dealing with the tremendous amount of paperwork involved in the recruitment process. But with Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker and the Form Reader, we now have total independence from potential paper vendors and outside agencies we used to rely on to conduct nationwide recruitment examinations for us.

    Jesus A. Cole – Assessment Specialist.

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