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OMR Sheet Scanning Method

OMR Scanning Methods

OMR sheet is always scanned and read with the help of machines or scanning software. Thus, it is vital that scanning of a sheet is done by following some rules so that it can easily be readable by the OMR machine or scanning software.

A commonly used scanner can be considered when it comes to scanning OMR answer sheets. In this case (where the Addmen OMR software is used), there is no need of having scanners equipped with special features.

There are lots of people who still think that OMR reading is a task that must be completed with the help of an OMR scanning machine. However, this OMR sheet scanning method is no longer used, and this technology is actually very expensive. OMR sheet scanning software has replaced such technology about a decade ago.

Novel Approach of OMR Scanning Software

Addmen is known for offering a solution based on software which eliminates the need of investing in expensive OMR scanning machine. For OMR applications forms and answer sheets, a user can use a common scanner. This is because the OMR software analyses processes and reads scanned OMR sheets. Here are the special scanning features of this software.

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