Precautions for Printing OMR Sheet
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Precautions for Printing OMR Sheet

There are various methods of printing OMR sheets and one has to take certain precautions to get accurate results. OMR sheets are the basic components for OMR printing. So following certain technical guidelines while printing OMR sheets can help you get the best output.

Precautions for Taking Printouts of OMR Sheets on Home and Office Printers

Precautions for the Offset Printing

Offset printers may try to change the design of the sheet to fit it into the paper due to its default settings. This can move the index points from its place and lead to incorrect reading of OMR sheets. Hence, it is best to first decide the size of the paper before using offset printers for OMR sheet printing.

Precautions for Printing of Colored OMR Sheets

You can use colored laser or inkjet printer for printing colored OMR sheets. 2 colored printing is used for printing colored OMR sheets of which black is used for index points. Any color like pink, red or golden yellow can be used for the rest. You can still use 2 colors for index points if and only if both the colors overlap each other precisely (zero to zero registration).

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