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OMR Scanning Specification

Proper Instructions for Scanning OMR Answer Sheets Through Image Scanner

Optical image recognition software makes use of scanned images of the concerned sheets. Our OMR scanning software is widely known for offering excellent flexibility when it comes to scanning these sheets. Parameters listed below are generally considered during scanning of OMR sheets.

Scanning Mode of Sheet

Most of the time one-bit mode is considered by the scanning software because there is a limit on file size and thus scanning and reading is performed quickly.

Sheet Scanning DPI

It is possible to scan DPI that ranges from 100 to 200. Generally it performs this task at 100 DPI.

DPI beyond 100 can be used in case 100 DPI scanning is not available on scanner. In such cases 150 DPI and 200 DPI are the ideal options. It’s best to scan as 100 DPI because it is standard range and always maintain accuracy.

It’s a pure misconception that higher DPI offer more accuracy. 100 DPI is better than higher DPI. The scanning software we have is excellent when it comes to accuracy and thus it is recommended to scan at 100 DPI to boost efficiency and ideal size for data handling.

Less DPI make sure of less size of images which are simple to handle and upload.

Scanner works best on 100 DPI when it comes to reading but it welcomes sheet scanned at different DPI.

Some OMR sheets have Barcode or OCR/ICR fields which are also need to be read. In such a case scanning must be done at 200 DPI and user can choose any color mode from Black & White or Grayscale.

File Format in OMR Sheet Scanning

TIFF and BMP formats are commonly considered when it comes to scanning OMR sheets. All the scanners have options to scan in such formats. Flatbed scanner supports both these formats simply. TIFF provides small size images in comparison to the BMP. The general size provided by TIFF is 10 to 30 kilobytes. As it is possible to simply upload images with such size on internet, this format is generally preferred.

Good thing about our scanning software is it is possible to provide JPEG i.e. Joint Picture Expert Group images as input. Basically software converts such format into TIFF prior to its start reading them. It is also possible to scan TIFF images which are in more than one page. Such images are called as multipage images. Before reading them, this software does not split multipage TIFF.

At last the OMR reading software reads the data from these scanned images or sheets. Its necessary to consider OMR scanning specifications carefully.

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