OMR Design with MCQ Block

Multi-choice questions (MCQ) are used in objective type examinations. Here, students do not have to write a long answer for every question, but choose the right answer from the answer options provided per question. Most entrance examinations, recruitment tests and competitive exams use MCQ based questions. To make checking easier and quicker, most exam committees prefer using OMR sheets for such tests or examinations.

The OMR design with MCQ block has bubbles in the place of answer options. Students or candidates have to fill these bubbles to answer the questions. There are three different types of MCQ bubbles found in OMR answer sheets. They are simple ABCD type of MCQ OMR blocks, integer type blocks and matrix type blocks. Each of these blocks is used for specific functions.

Simple ABCD type MCQ blocks:

Integer Type:

Matrix Type:

For your understanding, we have provided an IIT JEE OMR sheet for practice. This sheet has all three types of OMR sheet blocks. You can download them for free and practice on them to get used to the exam paper pattern.

OMR Design with MCQ Block