OMR Sheet barcode printing

OMR Barcode Printing

The Addmen Reader Software for processing OMR sheets supports barcode generation and reading too. OMR sheets printed with numbers and barcodes help give those sheets a unique ID. OMR Barcode printing is required for maintaining the confidentiality of the sheets. Addmen OMR software also has a printing module.

The user will only need to provide an Excel sheet with a series of desired numbers, which have to be printed on answer sheets. About 20 variable data elements can be printed on the sheet. Usually, only one or two are required.

OMR Sheet with the variable data

For printing the details of the candidate and his Roll number, the OMR sheets make use of printing with variable data. which is the case with attendance sheets. The variable data are also imprinted on the OMR control sheets, in case the examiner has to be sent with a bundle of sheets with some specific details on them.

Important Instructions to be followed for printing Barcodes and Digital Numbers

As a precautionary measure, print the barcodes in two places on the OMR sheets. This will ensure that at least one of them is read thoroughly. Scanning barcodes is not a problem for Addmen OMR software, but having two barcodes eliminates the chance of rejections due to barcode misreading. So, if there are two barcodes printed on the sheet, it will save time as the software will read the second barcode in case the first one fails.

Important Instructions for the printing of serial numbers by the manual rubber stamping