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MCQ OMR Test Management Features in Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software

Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker allows for quick and easy processing of information collected from OMR sheet scans. It is used by most universities, academic institutions, and many IT firms and recruitment agencies for performing OMR test evaluations.

Designing OMR Test Sheets

The OMR software solution lets you design an MCQ based aptitude test from the scratch. Input the test parameters in the design module, and define the coordinates of its image components for placement of OCR blocks, alpha-numeric blocks, matrix blocks, question blocks, and other required field objects as per the test pattern. Templates you design with maximum number of questions can be used for tests with lesser amount of questions too.

Setting Marking Schemes

Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker recognizes complex decimal scoring systems used for critically evaluating the eligibility of the candidates appearing for defense examinations, engineering entrance tests like IIT JEE, GATE etc. You can also define cut off marks, negative scoring, and also set bonus marks for incorrect or cancelled questions.

Reading the OMR Sheet Scans

The reading utility allows for effective reading of scanned OMR test sheets. Unlike the OMR scanners, the software is not limited to reading only certain types of paper. It reads the scanned images from all the sheets irrespective of their paper quality.

Processing the Results

The reading utility detects only the information from the sheets that are relevant for statistical analysis and results generation. Data such as candidate signature, photograph, and contact details etc are not processed, which reduces the data processing time and further brings down the scope of errors. The data collected is then uploaded onto the central server in encrypted formats like XML etc, for analytical correlation and generation of statistical reports. Results are processed in no time and are uploaded back onto the user’s terminal server for exporting in various formats (Excel, PDF, Access etc).

OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software

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