Design of Barcode Sheets

Detecting and reading barcodes are special features of the Addmen OMR software. Barcodes are useful when the examination board does not want the examiner to know the identity of the student. This ensures impartial evaluation and malpractices. It is also a convenient tool as you do not have to use a separate barcode reading machine to read the sheets. The software also reads the barcode as it processes the OMR forms and sheets. Addmen OMR software can also be used to design OMR sheets with barcodes.

Designing OMR Sheets with Barcode

Scanning and Printing OMR Sheets with Barcode

Uses of Barcodes on OMR Sheets

The OMR software has several amazing features; designing and reading barcodes are some of the important ones. With the OMR software, you do not have to rely on any other tool, device or software for generating and detecting barcodes.