OMR Design with Integer type MCQ Block

If the answer to a question is in numerical format, an integer type block is used. Here, instead of providing the students or candidates with the usual 4-5 options, students are provided with ten or more options. Students are required to select one of the options from the several provided in the integer type block.

Structure of integer type MCQ blocks

Below, you can refer to an OMR answer sheet that has been used for IIT JEE Advanced Papers. The question paper is divided into two sections. The first section has simple MCQ blocks with four options. However, the second section has integer type blocks. There are 30 questions in total in this section.

You can download an OMR sheet with integer type MCQ block from here. This sheet was used in IIT JEE Advanced for the year 2014.

OMR Design with Integer type MCQ Block