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Frequently Asked Questions on Online Test Software

IBPS Online Examination System


Questions About Test packages, Test Limits and Specific Tests

Will the Student Get to See All the Tests?

No. The students will be able to see only the tests that are available in the group that he has joined or the pack that he has purchased.

Can We Allocate the Number of Tests That a Student Can Attend?

Yes the administrator can fix the maximum number of tests for each student. This can be done automatically at the time of selling the online test package. This can also be done manually by the administrator.

Can We Allow Candidate to Attempt Only Specific Tests?

Yes the administrator can allow the candidate to attend only specific tests. For this the specific Test IDs are recorded in candidates log. He can opt only from these Test IDs. This feature works if a list of tests is provided on the website and the student can pick or select the tests as per his choice. The list of specific tests can also be allocated by the administrator.

Questions About Practice and Solutions

Can the Student Take a Test Repeatedly?

There are 2 modes, Practice mode and Assessment Mode. If test is defined in Assessment mode, then such a test once solved cannot be solved again. BUT if a test is defined in Practice mode a candidate can repeat the same Test After Submission.

Can the Students See the Solution of Testpaper After Solving the Exam?

Visibility and timing of Result, Question Paper, Answers purely controlled by the permissions set by the administrator and it can be implemented in various permutations and combinations for each test.

In Practice mode, default provision is to show instant result after test. The student can also see the question paper and solution to incorrectly answered questions. Once the test is solved and result is generated, the test can

be reattempted after a certain duration set by the administrator. In Assessment mode, The result is not seen immediately after the exam. It is auto compiled 15 minutes after the test period is over for all the participating candidates. Whether to show the result, or the question paper, or the solution can be set by the administrator.

It’s a complete online test management system that makes it easy for both, students and administrators, throughout the examination process.

Online Test Software

Questions About Result in Online Test

Can the Result Be Shown Instantly After the Exam?

As explained above, the tests can be defined in two modes. In Practice mode, by default, the result and solution to incorrect answers is shown instantly. However the administrator can alter the settings as per his choice.

Can the Student See Graphical Reports After the Test?

Yes the student can see graphical reports after the test. However some graphical representations are available only after the test has been completed by all the students.

Online Test Software
Online Test Software
Online Test Software
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