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IBPS Online Examination System

IBPS Online Examination System
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The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) changed their selection system to adapt online examination system in the year XXXX. Since then, except for the few starting years, which they took to stabilize, their online examination system and online test system has not changed much. IBPS has an Online Examinations System which is quite different from the online examination systems used in other important exams. Following are a few highlights of the IBPS Online Examination System.

The question paper is made available to the candidates in multiple languages, with Hindi and English being the two primary options. The user is free to switch between the language medium anytime during the test and he can do so any number of times during the test.

The test paper can be attempted for a maximum duration of 180 minutes in which the candidate has to attempt a total of XXX questions. These XXX questions are divided into 5 different sections namely,

  1. English Language

  2. Numerical Ability

  3. General Awareness

  4. Computer Knowledge

It is mandatory for the candidate to pass in each of these sections. However the candidate is free not only to choose which section to attempt first but he can also return back or jump between the sections any number of times.

The order in which the candidate must attempt the question is also not fixed and the candidate is free to solve the questions as per his priority.

Each question bears 3 marks for a correctly answered question. There is negative marking also and a wrongly answered question costs 1 mark to the candidate.

Type of Questions Covered in IBPS Online Examination System

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