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Online Test Software Free Video 4 - How to Solve MCQ Test in Online Test System ?
(By Candidates)

Addmen’s online exam software comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. A neatly organized dashboard facilitates quick and easy navigation. Everything from the candidate’s academic records, to the test schedule, to the progress results – all are available in the form of separate tabs.

Part 4- How to solve MCQ Test in Online Test

It’s a complete online test management system that makes it easy for both, students and administrators, throughout the examination process.

Online Practice Test Video

Here’s a free video tutorial explaining how to take a practice online test in Addmen’s online test management software.

Every online test can only be taken during the time period assigned to the test by the administrator. For example, if the test starts from Jun 12, at 11:40 hrs, and ends on Jun 14, at 15:00 hrs; candidates will have to complete the test within that time frame provided. If the test is not taken within the specified time period, the tests will be displayed with an “Expired” label. Candidates can easily keep a track of the upcoming tests, as the enqueued tests will show up on the test panel with a “Coming Soon” label.

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