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Addmen online exam software lets you create online test papers in multiple languages. You can create bilingual tests, containing all questions in English as the international language, and the same question paper in a regional language of your choice, like Hindi, Marathi etc. This feature comes most handy while conducting recruitment aptitude tests or academic exams across many states speaking different languages. It is also an effective solution for facilitating international exams for which you might need to create multi-lingual online tests involving languages such as English, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi etc.

Creating Bilingual Question Papers in Addmen Online Exam Software

  • As part of a bilingual question paper, you can also include geometrical shapes, diagrams, and numerical questions that are based on English alphabets and digits.

  • Note that the Addmen online test management software does not translate English text into the regional script (or vice-versa). You need to create two separate question papers with the text written specifically in the particular language font.

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