Provision for Demo Online Test or Free Online Test on Website

Many educational institutes allow outside candidates to purchase online test packages from their online test website. But before selling the test package or before joining the institute test series, the candidates want to have a feel of the quality of education or test imparted at the institute for which they prefer to undertake a demo test.

There can be a provision for a demo test on the website, which can be accessed by the fresh candidates by doing their registration in the online test system, upon which they’ll be provided a username and password which they can use to login.

Online Test System
Online Test System


Candidates who are enrolled in the institute for a course or who have purchased test packages can take all the tests organized by the institute. A few mock tests are available for the candidates who have only registered an enquiry, so they can get comfortable with the online test platform and get an idea as to the quality of education imparted by the institute.

The Addmen online exam software can be integrated into your institutes website, where you can also provide a registration form for candidates seeking to take demo tests and an interface for viewing the list of all available tests and test packages for purchase.

Online Test System
Online Test System