Online Payment Gateway to Charge for Online Test From Candidates

Payment Gateway is available in Addmen online exam software and can be activated if the Administrator has subscribed the service. Institutes can subscribe for payment gateway by submitting their credentials and documents to the payment gateway company, upon which a license is allotted to the institute.

How can Candidate Select Tests to Purchase on Website?

When the candidate registers into the website, they can choose from a list of test packages and the payment will be charged accordingly.

Test packages can be sold as per number of tests, for e.g. a set of 10 online tests or 50 online tests for a particular subject/topic. Or a large list of pre uploaded topic-wise test papers can be viewed by the candidate, out of which he can pay for the tests from the topics of his interest.

Online Registration Form on Website for Direct Registration by Candidate

As an administrator from the exam committee, you can conveniently integrate the Addmen online exam software to your institutes website. You can provide a separate link which will direct the users to the online exam software that is running on a central server location.

To facilitate quick, easy, and automated candidate registration you can simply include a link containing an online test registration form on your website, so the candidates can register themselves for the online tests.

Online Test System

Online Registration Form on Website

Online Test System

Make Payment option after successful registration


Online Payment Panel

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Online Payment Submission Panel(Checkout Panel)