Online Question Bank Software
Online Question Bank Software

Online Question Bank Software

It is the Combination of Online Question Bank With Online Test Generator Software

We often receive a requirement from our software users, to maintain a large online question bank multiple choice questions. The online question paper generator should create an online question paper when a candidate appears for online exam from the online question bank.

Searching fresh online questions for every candidate, everytime from a large online question bank of multiple choice questions has the following major disadvantages or limitation :

  1. It would impact heavy processing load on the server. Because the questions are not merely text type. They may contain diagrams, formulas, pictures etc. so it would also require huge database space.

  2. Even if we store the online MCQ questions with diagrams, formulas, equations and pictures as embedded content in database, then they cannot be edited. For any online multiple choice questions, the editing has to be done in the offline copy of the question on local machine and then uploaded again to server. This is a lengthy process.

  3. If all candidates get quite some different questions how can we judge the performance and calculate ranks on a single datum?

So for the mere purpose of changing the online test papers for each candidate taking part in online test, it is a very futile and costly exercise to maintain an online question bank.

There are better, easier and cost effective alternatives to this option of maintaining an online question bank.

Online Exam Software is available as a blank platform where you can upload your own online question papers. Addmen standard online test software does not provide free online question bank. However the Addmen offline question paper generator software can be used to generate several online question papers which can be imported into the online question paper generator software to be used as online question bank by the online exam software.

This approach of using the online test paper as online question bank minimizes the load on the server for random selection of online questions from a large online question bank for each candidate. However each candidate gets a different question paper because the online question paper generator will use the uploaded question paper to shuffle and create multiple sets of the same question paper for each candidate.

Addmen has alliance with more than 1500 Coaching Institutes involved in training for various competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, IBPS, SSC, State CETs, CPT, TET etc. Each one of these institutes is a leader in their respective areas. Through this alliance we have invited several leading institutes to share their capability to provide excellent Online Exam Question Papers to students. So if required we can provide excellent readymade online test papers in our online test software.