Cutting of OMR Sheets

Cutting of OMR Sheets

Addmen’s OMR software effectively reads and evaluates scanned images of OMR answer sheets. The solution is based on newer technologies and eliminates the need for other machine based solutions, like OMR scanner machines.

OMR Sheet Cutting Instructions

All the OMR sheets should be cut in a uniform manner. Even though, the Addmen Software can handle minor variations in the size of the sheets or the size of the scanned images; if the sheets are cut properly and in uniform size, then it will help in avoiding excessive tilting or swaying of sheets during scanning.

The main thing about the OMR process is that the OMR sheets should be printed and scanned accurately. The software for reading OMR depends greatly on the scanned images for doing the correct evaluations. So, for doing the absolute scanning, it is necessary that the OMR sheets are printed and cut accurately.

One should read and follow the instructions given in OMR printing guide, so that the sheets are read accurately.