OMR Sheet Cost

OMR Sheet Cost

In the early years of OMR technology, thick paper was used for printing the OMR sheets and special inks were required for this purpose. Other than that, the printing machinery required was also high-end, available only in some metropolitan and large cities. Also, there were only a few service providers to approach for printing OMR sheets. Due to this, the procurement process was quite complicated and involved a lot of advance transactions. This was done because the printing and the delivery of the sheets took a lot of time. The transactions in advance led to wastage of paper as the exact number could not be calculated in advance.

Another requirement in the older technology was that the sheets were thicker and were printed out in two colors. Due to this, the procurement of the sheets became a costly affair. The OMR sheets were priced quite high due to less number of OMR service providers. They had a monopoly in the trade. Also, another factor leading to higher cost was the transportation expenses.

But, nowadays, the procurement process and printing process has changed. One can use any kind of white paper and use the normal Inkjet or laser printers for printing the OMR sheets. In fact, now, one can even print them at home. If the sheets are to be printed in color, then inkjet printers are to be used and if it is to be printed in black and white, then the laser printer can be used. So, this leads to flexibility and convenience. Also, this results in saving time, cost and efforts on travelling and printing.

The cost for printing a black and white OMR sheet would be around 60 paise. And, for taking a colored sheet, the InkJet printer would be sufficient, if the quantity is less. And, in case, the quantity is higher, one can get the printing done with the offset printing. The offset printing works best and costs less, if the printing is to be done in bulk. So, if you want to print thousands of sheets, then the cost would be around 75 paise. So, the price will be lower if the quantity is higher.

General Precautions for OMR Prinitng