OMR Scanning Machine

OMR Scanning Machine

OMR Machine (Optimal Mark Recognition Scanner)

OMR stands for Optical mark recognition. The OMR scanning machine is an expensive, bulky machine that served two very important purposes – scanning and processing OMR sheets simultaneously and transferring the data into the computer for evaluations.

Data that is collected by OMR scanning machine is then processed by a software used for performing simple calculations and analysis. This is exactly how the results and evaluations are obtained from the OMR answer sheets and application forms.

However this is a technology of past, and in the present scenario such machines are not engaged in practical applications. Today, an advanced technology called as optical mark recognition technology is preferred over the old and traditional OMR machines.

OMR Machine, OMR Device Price India

Price of OMR scanning machines needs higher bank balance and their general price is Rs 200,000; low end models can be obtained at around INR 150,000. These machines are fairly expensive, mainly because they are usually imported and are not manufactured or assembled in India. Their availability is also only restricted to Metropolitan cities in India.

It is not always a simple task to buy the spare of OMR scanning machine, if anything went wrong with it. As the technology is old, there are few conditions to use it and one example is the OMR forms and sheets must be specially printed and they have specifications that suit the machine requirements. Thus special class printers are needed to print these sheets. It is possible to have the desired quantity of such sheets only when orders are placed in advance. These specially designed OMR sheets cost up to Rs. 2.00 per sheet, which is considerably high priced than the regular A4 sized copier papers.