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OMR Scanning Features

Independence From Specially Designed OMR Scanners

The OMR scanning feature is widely appreciated, as you may use any PC to read the scanned OMR sheets. The scanner that scans OMR sheets and scanning software are not coupled with each other. There are no compatibility issues, and Addmen OMR scanning software can be used with any type of image scanner. The OMR scanning features are easy to understand.

It really doesn’t matter what type or model of scanner you have. You don’t have to worry about the availability of scanning software while scanning the OMR sheets. Even if a PC doesn’t have the scanning software installed, it is still possible to scan the sheets easily, using any regular flatbed or an ADF scanner. OMR sheet scanning and then processing or reading data from them are two different tasks that can be performed on different computers.

There is no need for business owners or those who need this software for commercial applications to buy more number of licenses. A single PC where scanning software is installed is enough to handle the entire task.

OMR Sheet Scanning Software – Features

Self-regulating Reading after Scanning is Done

This is one among the best OMR scanning features. OMR scanning software is equipped with an excellent feature – automatic reading of images after scanning is done. It starts reading them immediately when they are scanned and this is exactly what that is mainly responsible for fast functionality of this software. If the overall scanning sheets are huge, time is not an issue to worry as a user can choose the option of automatic reading after scanning. This is one of the best OMR scanning features. 

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