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OMR Scanning Services

Outsourcing OMR Scanning Services in India

We are always available for simply the best OMR scanning services in India with a tag of quality. At our arena we offer everything ranging from designing of OMR sheets to declaration of results from them. We are known for complete OMR outsourcing solutions and can be trusted in the long run.

There are many organizations who trust us for their OMR based recruitment process and we also provide OMR software to organizations that need the same. Some of our credentials are:

It must be noted that our complete OMR outsourcing solution can be different for different organizations.

Printing and Designing Various Types of OMR Sheets

We are known for designing quality sheets with a flawless blend of features. It is our duty to provide clients what they actually need. Printing jobs at our arena are handled only after the client approves the designs.

At our arena you can have printing options of colored as well as black & white OMR sheets. We are also known for offering half and full duplex printing and i.e. printing on one side and on both sides of the sheet.

Approach us to get carbonless or carbon OMR sheets. Many clients also contact us for having barcode and Lithocode based OMR sheets.

Packing and Numbering of Sheets

Every sheet is numbered uniquely to provide duplication and we are also very popular for packing the sheets in the way you need them.

Depending on some factors such as thickness, we pack sheets in different quantities. You can have them in 50, 100 or 200. To make sure there would be no affect of environmental factors such as moisture on them,  waterproof polythene bags are used for packing them. Final layer is provided with a thick card board to prevent any damage that can be caused during shipment.

Delivery and Dispatch

Delivery and dispatch We ship to all the locations. Depending on your needs, we can deliver the sheets to the offices or directly to the exam centers. You don’t have to worry about your location as we are known to deliver the sheets anywhere when you inform us in advance.

Faster Scanning

Bulk orders are not a problem with us. We have scanners that operate very fast and enable us to deliver the exact amount of sheets on time. There are no printing errors on our sheets. We deliver at different locations at the same time.

Complete Solutions for One and All

Whether you are a governmental organization or private, our services are always available for you. We help in generating admit cards of candidates and have the best software for collecting the entire data of all the candidates.

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