OMR Design with OCR ICR

OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) software has the ability to read black marks from completed OMR sheets and process them accordingly. These sheets are specially designed using the OMR sheet designing feature available with the Addmen OMR software. The OMR software also has OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for reading printed text, and ICR or Intelligent Character Recognition, which is used for reading written text and images.

Designing OMR Sheets with OCR

Designing OMR Sheets with ICR

There are no rules and restrictions as to where these ICR and OCR blocks should appear. You are free to place them wherever you want. In other words, you can design the OMR sheets as per your design standards.

When the OMR software reads the OMR sheets with OCR and ICR elements, it transfers the data like the serial number, barcode, handwritten text and images, along with the OMR data into an Excel sheet. It provides 100% accurate results if the input is correct.