Integrate Online Recruitment Test Result on Your Online Recruitment Website

Online OMR Test Result Shows :

  • OMR Sheet of the candidate
  • Graphical Performance Report
  • Question wise Test Analysis
  • Solutions & Description to Online Question

You can send Instant SMS of OMR Test Results and Online Test Results

To SMS the results, the SMS system is present in the OMR Software and integrated in the online Exam System software. Only Bulk SMS credits have to be purchased.

This Online Result SMS utility can be used to send other SMS also.

Online Test Result Includes :

  • Web based online result software;
  • Database space for online result records;
  • Hosting space for OMR/ PDF files;

Online Result Software Price:

Online Test Result facility standard platform is available on Annual Rental charge as follows (Prices valid only for 2013)

  • Rs. 2000/- p.a. for 1 GB
  • Rs. 3000/- p.a. for 2 GB
  • Rs. 5000/- p.a. for 4 GB
  • Rs. 1000/- per GB for 4 GB onwards

  • You can keep removing old test files to minimize data use.

  • If you have very large data space requirement, then you can purchase Online Test Result code at onetime price of Rs.10000/- and host it in your own server instead of paying annual rental price to us.
See sample hosting on 

Online Test Results of MCQ OMR Test Can Be Displayed on the Website.

Online Exam Results of Online Mock Tests or Online Practice Tests Can Aslo Be Displayed on the Website.

What is the Need of Online Test Result Facility on Website ?

Our OMR Software delivers quick test results in various brief and detailed report formats. The marklists can be displayed on the notice board, BUT the multi-page detailed test analysis and graphical performance reports of each candidate can not be pasted on the notice board for all candidates.

Giving multi-page prints of test analysis or graphical performance report to each student for each test is also not feasible and cost effective. So we require Online Result facility on the website of our institute so that the candidates can draw the best benefit of the detailed test results and reports provided by the Addmen OMR Software and Online Test Software.

Why Display of Online Exam Results on Website is Important ?

Sometimes for the sake of transparency, government recruitment organisations prefer to provide the candidate a copy of OMR sheet so that candidate is able to match it with the result and in case of any discrepancy they can report back. For this carbonless OMR Sheets are used. But procurement of carbon less OMR sheet is a big challenge for smaller projects. Carbon less OMR sheet is also very costly. So an image of the OMR sheet can be uploaded on the Online result facility.

What is the Benefit of Online Test Results on Website ?

It is an inconvenience for the parents to come to the institute to enquire about the student performance. So they can conveniently see their children’s performance from home in each test and their overall growth in performance in a well arranged tabular chart format.

All these purposes can be very conveniently solved by integration of Online Result facility to your institute website.

How Does the Online Test Result Facility Work ?

The Candidate Personal Page on Online Result System Displays the Following:

In Case of OMR Test Checker Software,

In Case of Online Testing Software,

Graphical Performance Report Analysis (These are Just Few Pages for Example, there are many such pages)

How to Upload OMR Results on Website ?

Add this link to your website: http://www.omrtestresult.com/default.asp?clientid=X

Host Address : ftp://omrtestresult.com
  • Open My Computer and type your Host Address in the address bar and press enter.

  • Login Panel will appear on the screen. Enter your username and password and click on logon button.

  • If login screen does not appear then click on ‘File Menu > Login as Command’.

  • If login is successful then your FTP content will display in the window.

  • Create a folder of your TEST ID at server.

  • Copy the OMR sheets and PDF files generated by OMR software in the ADDMEN/DATA folder.

  • Paste these files into the TEST ID folder created at server.