How does OMR Software Work?

OMR means Optical Mark Reader or Optical Mark Recognition is a system that is used to detect the marks made by humans on documents. Earlier, the documents were processed using OMR scanner, a specialized scanner developed for this purpose. While it the scanner was good enough to get things done, it had lots of disadvantages. The scanner was bulky and even a small mistake in printing, scanning or making of the documents would lead to wrong results. But with the OMR software is much more advanced and negates all the disadvantages of the OMR software.

OMR Software Process

The process of OMR software is simple and straightforward. You do not need any specific equipment or skill for the same. All you have to do is download the software on your computer. Here is how the software works.

Step 1

The first step of the process is getting the marked documents scanned. You do not need any particular scanner for this purpose. Any flatbed, ADF and MFP scanner is enough. The scanned OMR documents or sheets are converted in digital form and saved in folders.

Step 2

The software starts reading the scanned OMR sheets in the folder, as per the instructions given. The reading process is fast and the chances of errors are zero. The software identifies the marks made on the sheets and reads the data accordingly. In case some of the scanned sheets are skewed or tilted, the software rectifies them automatically. Nowhere does the software stop for manual correction or intervention.

Step 3

If the scanned sheets are answer papers, the software not only checks the papers but also provides a detailed report of the result. In case, the OMR sheets are printed forms, the information is collected and transferred to an excel sheet.

Salient Features of the OMR Software

The OMR software is used in educational, research, technology and such other fields. Due to its speed and efficiency, it is also used by several government institutions, including the election commission. Here are some of the salient features of the OMR software.

  • Any type of OMR sheet can be read by the OMR software. It is also possible to read the photocopy of the original OMR sheet.
  • Right from a regular, inexpensive scanner to a very high speed ADF scanner, anything can be used to scan the OMR sheets before running them through the OMR software.
  • The OMR scanner can read unlimited scanned sheets within a short period of time.
  • The thickness of the paper or the colours used on the sheets, neither would affect the reading of the OMR software.

The OMR software is definitely a revolution in the field of OMR scanning and reading. It has not only simplified the entire process but has also made it quite inexpensive. Now, you only have to invest in the software and do not have to worry about the expensive printing process or the bulky OMR scanner.

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OCR Solutions- Tips for choosing the best solution providing company

The numbers of well renowned companies are providing the best OCR solutions to their clients. If you are the one who is looking to get the best solutions from the companies so that you may get the higher level of satisfactions and does not feel any kind of disappointments from those. So it becomes very much essential for you to become a good researcher and always try to get more in deep for acquiring the details. Thus what you can do is take your time and with the help of the internet try to find out the world class companies that will well established and popular in providing the software solutions. Thus you may choose the best OCR solutions providing company.

Here are some easy steps for approaching the best company that provides OCR solutions-

Make sure that they are having all well trained and high skilled workers-

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should choose the company that provides OCR solutions having all highly trained and skilled workers. The company having all highly trained workers will obviously help you out in an effective manner and will easily solve all types of problems you are facing. The workers if is highly trained and skilled will easily be able to fix the problems with high quality.

Hire only the company that is having all good past records-

You must necessarily choose the company that is all having good past records. If the company is having good working record in its history, there will be no doubt that it may spoil your work or dissatisfy your expectations. To be on a safer zone, make sure that you check out by getting into deeply to the past record of the company.

See the ranking of the company-

You must look at the ranking of the company in the world among others so that you can get the idea all about the image of a company. If a company comes under the list of top 10 ranking, it directly means that the company is having all good images into the market and has earned high value.

See that the company offers you with high quality of services-

You must necessarily give more importance to the service quality of a company. The company must be very much efficient enough in providing the very high quality of the services to their clients. The client is always demanding for the very high quality of output from the company. If you feel like that yes the particular company can easily satisfy you, just choose it for getting the OCR solutions.

Here are some features of the OCR solutions-

  • Ease of use.
  • Deliver best output.
  • Document quality analyser.
  • It is secured captured content.
  • It has all comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Thus we can say that getting the OCR solutions from the best company will make you well satisfied and happier. Without doing any delaying just choose and hire the companies.


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Professional OCR software- Steps in choosing the best OCR software

In today’s time almost everything has changed into digital form like videos, music, photos etc. It also makes a greater sense as a digital content can easily be managed, edited and also shared. If you think that how textual documents can stay behind, special thanks to the advancement in the technology  like Professional OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) has made it much convenient than ever before in digitalizing the textual matter in a hand written or a printed documents, by making it easily edible through the world processing programs.

For doing that, you are required some of the best and professional OCR software applications and that is what exactly this article will tell you. This professional software either acquires the best sources of documents in form of image from the scanning devices or one can easily input your documents images to get converted in an editable texts. Here is some top most popular OCR software that is widely used by the users.

  • ABBYY Fine Reader
  • FreeOCR
  • GOCR
  • Readiris
  • Microsoft OneNote

There is more professional OCR software you will find but these are the top most used software. If you will search on the internet you will find more software that can be used by you.

Some of the steps you can follow in choosing the best OCR software-

Search on the web for acquiring the details-

At first you need to necessarily search on the web for acquiring the details all about the top popular and widely used OCR application software. There while searching on the web you will find the numbers of OCR software that can be used by you. But choose only the top most popular one if you really want the work to be done hassle free and well on time.

You can make strong comparison-

Another thing that you can do is in making the strong comparison between the software. This will easily help you in choosing the right one for your work. On net everything is easily available; just search effectively so that you do not make any mistake in acquiring the right details.

Choose the one having high rating of usage-

You can look at the ratings of the software. The one which is having high rate of using by the users can prove to be beneficial for you. Rating will give you a fair idea that which one is suitable for you to use.

Ask for the advice from others-

It is always advisable that the software which is popular all across the world among the users can prove to be most effective. But still if you are not able to make a good decision, you can approach to the person on whom you trust or believes easily. They will obviously help you in an effective manner by giving all valuable guideline or suggestions. Thus from those advices you can choose the right and appropriate professional OCR software as per the requirements. It will finally lead you in completing the work in much better way.







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Optical character software- what benefits you will get when you get it online?

Optical character software is a software which is used for reading the document whether it is a hand written or a typed written. It not only reads the written documents but also converts those written documents into the text searchable documents. It helps in quickly conversion of the office place into the paper less working surrounding. There you need not have to unnecessarily spend the time in finding for the phrase or a word into a huge pile of the documents.

In order to run the optical character software onto a document, just scan the physical document to the system. Now run the optical character reader software on an image documents. It will be detecting the each character and will be trying to match the characters into the software memory. The very closer match is being chosen and is placed into an output file. Some of the OCR software runs on the software many times so that when closest match gets appeared numbers of times, then it is placed into a final output. Thus it reduces the large numbers of errors and also increases more efficiency. Thus using the software is much and more beneficial for all to use.

Today these are easily available on the online site and the large numbers of users are buying it from there. If you are looking for purchasing the optical character software, you have to choose only the right online site that can easily satisfy you with the software quality and there you do not find any duplicity in it. Also if you buy those from an online site that is highly reputable and having more numbers of buyers will obviously offer you greater benefits. Here in the article we have discussed some of the benefits of buying those via online.

Here are some benefits of buying the software from the online store-

Highly safe and secure medium of purchase-

The best and highly reputable online site for buying the optical character software will definitely proof itself to be safer and highly secured. Thus there is no doubt that you will be tricked or cheated from the online sellers. The best site also keeps the image in their mind and always thinks for the image maintenance in the market. You will surely be getting originality in the software and there will not be duplicity at any costs. Thus you can choose the site which is having more numbers of buyers and having high rating of satisfactions.

Delivery in less time-

When you are buying the optical character software from an online store, you will be getting it delivered shortly at your door step. It will not be taking unnecessarily longer time or will not be delaying it making you to wait. You will can the high quality of services from the best site that will easily satisfy you at a greater level and thus you will feel like to shop for buying other software from the same site again and again.


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Addmen’s Top Class Student Management Software is useful for Hostel and Transport Management

Addmen has presented transport and hostel administration modules in ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System), software that can deal with all organization exercises of the foundation. The Student Management Software helps to spare all the vehicle points of interest of the student contemplating in the school and colleges. Then again, the hostel management software has the offices to record the hostel subtle elements of the student.

The transport module can be utilized to deal with the records of the student profiting the vehicle office. Subtle elements like the sort of transport, number of the vehicle, the course taken, stops, and so forth can be kept up here. Aside from this, data in regards to transport charge installment can likewise be recorded here.

The Student Management Software will have all the data about the students staying at the hostel. This module can be utilized to dole out rooms to the student furthermore to keep a track of the expense installment and such different things identified with the hostel office. It is additionally simple to track the room opportunity and room insightful inhabitancy with this module.

Other than these two modules, the Addmen ECAS has a few different employments. Right from the admission process, it helps in dealing with a few essential foundation administration exercises like expense administration, library management, test report administration, and so forth. This product is helpful for the smooth working of an educational establishment.


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Create your own test with Addmen Group Online Test Creation software

These days’ objective types of questions are preferred for all type of entrance and competitive examinations. All the exam boards have to create such type of test papers according to favored time.  In case of institute and schools they have to make test papers several times for the practice purpose. But creating such test paper is very complex and prolonged task. Only one thing makes you free out of all this tedious work is Addmen group Online Test Creation Software. You are able to make a number of tests papers with proper answers and that to into different modules of education. You can make question paper according to your requirement of diverse subjects, topic and numbers of questions.

Addmen group provides you Online Test Creation Software and help to make your work simple. This online creation software has all the enormous features for generating new questions and uploading there multiple choices answers. The user has all the rights for making changes in test paper, uploading and deleting questions, changes in test format and number. With this online test creation software you can get rid of all complex and time consuming work also this software helps you to go for paperless work.

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Free CAT Online Practice Test

CAT is the Common Admission Test  for MBA in India, which is one of the most tough and competitive entrance exam. In order to complete masters in business administration  this online entrance test is conducted. Addmen group of company is the only one oraganization which provide you all the information related to Online Test System for CAT Online Test. If you are planning to give online cat exam then addmen group is providing you Online Test System for CAT which contain all the preparation material, mock test for CAT, a number of question and answers set, and many more.

Addmen group is the best solution for your MBA preparation, it provides you an enormous set of question and answers with proper guideline and mock test are executed according to CAT convention. We have different software available for all type of competitive examination they are like OMR Sheet generator, OMR sheet checker, online exam software and ECAS. ECAS is the best management software for all educational institute.  In order to get maximum benefit, practice with Online Test System for CAT, solve more online mock test and get advantage.


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Automate your campus with online campus automation software

Addmen Group provides online campus automation software is the software which is specially made for helping colleges and schools for keeping the all data and track of student starting from their admissions till there result. This software can provide you all the data of individual student’s admission fees, Id no and all the personal information. There are so many branches and syllabus available while taking admission into colleges so it’s gets simpler and easier with ECAS which is known for enhanced campus automation software. ECAS will help to distinguish and maintain data according to different streams of college and also according to student admissions date, student with remaining fees, student according to their results. In all domain of college online campus automation software will store information regarding to particular domain and it is very user friendly to handle.

There are numerous programs of studies that can be used for college administration. Register, documents, online tests, etc. are some of the modules accessible with college model of Enhanced Campus Automation System or Software. This software is useful in all different areas of college like library, exam section, and administrator so from inquiry counseling to admissions, making ID card to setting question paper and providing result all this task gets easier with online campus automation software.

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Customize your question bank with Addmen Group’s Question Bank Software

Making question bank and keeping their record gets easy with Addmen group’s question bank software. We provide you proper software for generating a multiple type questions as well as subjective type questions. With the help of this software you can make question bank on several topics and syllabus. Now all your complicated and tedious work of making questions gets simple with Addmen group’s question bank software.  This software helps you to create series of question papers and you don’t have to worry about storing them. All the questions made with the help of this software will get manage according to categories and you can simply sort them.

We know that making question paper and conducting examination is the most time consuming and hectic task, for most of the school, colleges and educational institutes. This the reason Addmen group’s have several platforms like CBT software, OMR software, & question bank software one can set question bank parameters as per the requirement of any institute and organization. You will get a proper guidance for setting and generating question paper on any topic and into an appropriate manner. Addmen group’s question bank software is useful for teachers, students; tutor as well as you can use it for the company’s recruitment process.

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Track Attendance with Addmen Group’s Attendance Management Software

Until now you have used traditional method for marking the attendance of employees & students. But now we have introduced you a new technology for attendance marking. Addmen group’s Attendance Management Software is basically designed to save your time & work. Marking and keeping track of attendance everyday is very tedious and complicated work but attendance management software made it easy with the help of ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System).

ECAS uses advance technology such as Smart card machines and Bio-metric devices to mark attendance. These are all less time consuming techniques, error free and very user-friendly. Bio metric machines use the thumb impression or face detection method to recognize person’s identity. These software’s are real time software and we get a perfect time records of employee with the help of these. ECAS provides you detail records of monthly attendance charts according to all the different category of students and employee. We get a proper time in and time out log reports from Attendance management software in an appropriate manner, providing a proper date and time.




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