Defence Military and EME

The Indian Army, Navy and Air Force conduct recruitment tests and entrance examinations every year. As people from all over India participate in these tests, they are conducted on a large scale in many different parts of the country. For ease of data collection and test evaluation, many military organizations have been using the Addmen OMR software for evaluating their recruitment tests as well as entrance examinations.

Addmen OMR software

The popularity of Addmen OMR software lies in the fact that it is easy to use. With this software, the organization can design, print, scan and read the OMR test sheets without the need of any other organization or agency. The MCQ OMR sheets for tests and examinations can be designed using the OMR sheet design software. Plus, these sheets can be printed using regular printers as well as rezographs.

As the OMR software reads the scanned images of the OMR sheets, there is no need of using a special scanning machine. Organizations can use the regular image scanner for this. In short, the Addmen OMR software makes the military organizations independent to handle their own OMR processes. Here is a list of military organizations that have been using the Addmen OMR software in the past few years.

OMR outsourcing services

Apart from providing the actual OMR software, the Addmen group also offers OMR outsourcing services. From sheet designing to printing, packing, scanning, reading and result processing, we provide complete OMR solutions to our clients. Army, Navy and Air Force organizations in India opt for our OMR outsourcing services when they have to conduct a recruitment drive on a large scale.

We are equipped with enough skilled manpower as well as high-end equipment to undertake 10 OMR projects simultaneously. As the defence organizations have to handle sensitive information, we have the capability of conducting the OMR processes on-site too. The software provides 100% accurate results and that too very quickly. This makes it possible to declare results at a short time and at the same time speed up the entire recruitment process.

Here are some of the military organizations that have been using our OMR outsourcing services: