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Hardcopy Submission of Application Forms and Fee in Recruitment Process

The offline method of application or payment is the most primitive ways of application. Earlier if someone had to apply for an examination, first they had to send the prospectus/application fee by post and then the examination body would post the required application form and then the candidate would fill the application and send it back. This used to kill double the time in application form submission and obviously prone to logistic troubles.

Later with the expanse of websites, half the time was saved as the applications could be directly downloaded from the website and submitted back by post with due attachments of payment instruments and any other requisite documents. But this offline method of submission was not very fruitful for the examination body as they had to feed the data manually and also wait till the last date in anticipation of more forms being received, so the picture of participation in the examination was not clear until last days of the application process.

Instead when this offline application process was supplemented with online submission of application along with offline hard copy submission by post, it made it very simple for the examination body to have a real time idea of the response to application and the number of applicants already registered to take part in the examination even if their offline application forms have yet not been received in the office.

Steps for Online / Offline Application process based on CHEQUE /DD SUBMISSION with HARDCOPY APPLICATION FORM

STEP 1 > Make Cheque/DD

Prepare your Cheque /DD for registration fee according to the fee structure mentioned in the admission notice. The payment instrument must be readied before filling the online application or the offline application as the application form will necessarily have a column for filling the Cheque /DD details.

Make Cheque/DD


STEP 2a (Online Application) > Fill Online Application Form

STEP 2b (Offline Application) > Download Application Format PDF from website

Download Application Format PDF from website
Download Application Format PDF from website

Sample Online Application Form with Cheque/DD Details

STEP 3 > Post the Application

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