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Addmen OMR Sheet Scanning Services for Recruitment and Selection Exams

Equipped with a large fleet of high-end scanners, and well experienced and long associated, consistent OMR processing team Addmen is able to take up OMR Sheet scanning projects of any size. We have been successfully delivering small projects under 1000 sheets to large projects above 500,000 sheets in short timelines as per the requirement.

We have our scanning equipment and manpower distributed at 3 locations in North, Central and Southern India, and so we are able to instantly take up urgent projects.

Depending upon the speed and timeline requirement we can deploy single or multiple units of scanners and manpower to meet any size of workload. We also have associations with several scanning service providers throughout the country to meet larger projects. Typical speed of scanning for smaller projects is 30-50 pages per minute (ppm) and that for larger projects scanning speeds of 50-100 ppm are achieved.

The Addmen Professional OMR Sheet Checking Software is ready to handle large volumes. As per our mature and evolved work practices, we are done with about 80-100% of data reading simultaneously as we scan. So by the time scanning finishes, the data reading is also done and we are ready with result as soon as the Roll no filling issues in the answer sheets are resolved.

As per the requirement we usually send our scanning equipment and manpower to the client location to accomplish the scanning and result processing task in their office. Such practice is mostly adopted for crucial examinations like government recruitment and selection tests.

While in other cases like scholarship exams and market & research surveys, such sheets can be sent to Addmen Office for scanning and processing as this works out to be the most economic option. Also a hybrid arrangement of scanning the sheets at client end and reading and processing at Addmen Office can be adopted to optimize on working times and cost.

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