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Scrutiny of Online Application Form Data for Generation of Admit Cards

Online Application Form Data for Generation of Admit Cards

Scrutiny of records can be done very conveniently using the filters on the fields that form the part of eligibility criteria. However the application form is designed such that there is no irrelevant application that does not suit the eligibility criteria, but still if the eligibility criteria changes at a later time due to some change in policy then the records suiting to the eligibility criteria can be easily filtered using elaborate and dynamic filtering mechanism provided in the Online Application software.

Generation of admit cards does not involve any extra process as the filtered records who are eligible to receive admit cards are flagged to the "Admit Card Approved" status and on a certain date when the admit cards are launched the candidates can enter their application number to dynamically generate admit cards. In this way the system optimizes its load by furnishing admit cards only to candidates who want to print them.

In case the scrutiny of records has to be done manually by viewing the documents uploaded, then the software furnishes convenient outputs in excel and user friendly interface to view documents online for scrutiny of records.

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