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Online Application System - Submission of Photograph, Signature and Documents

Submission of Photograph, Signature and Documents

Some application forms ask for Marksheets, documents and certificates also besides the basic Candidate information, Academic Information, Experience & Skills, Photographs and Signature.

Generally the guidelines to upload documents and certificates at the time of application are not a very wise proposition. This not only increases the load on the system and makes it a little tough for the applicant to fill but also increases the task at the administration end because, if there has to be a written test and only limited candidates have to qualify in the test and form the merit then there is no sense of checking the documents of all the applicants who are already not going to pass the examination.

For example if 10000 applications are received for some 5 vacancies and after the selection test we shall form a merit of 250 candidates who shall be called for interview, then later only these 250 candidates should be asked to submit their documents by a specified date. Thus the examination administration team will have to check the documents of only few suitable candidates rather than checking the documents of all 100000 candidates.

Document submission should be a part of process where their is no written examination and the candidates have to be called for direct interview on the basis of information submitted in the application form. The candidates may however bring there actual original documents at the time of interview for hard copy verification, which has to be done in any case before giving the final confirmation of selection.

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