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Online Application Process for Job Recruitment and Academic Selection Tests

Besides OMR sheet evaluation, we have also developed an online recruitment system for facilitating the Online application and thus fully integrating the pre-examination and examination part of the Recruitment process. Online Application system is the wise way to collect the applicant data. It is convenient and more assuring for the applicant as well as it is more predictive and less time consuming for the examination body. There can be several types of online application processes.

Recruitment process can be divided into various types depending upon the Option of application and payment mechanism used:

1. Hard copy Application with DD/ Cheque:

This is the most primitive method, however still in use where most of the applications are expected from rural areas for lower profile job posts and basic or vocational qualification entrance examinations. The biggest drawback of this mechanism is that it takes too much time in the data entry of application forms. This method however is slowly giving way to Online Application mechanism explained below in point No.3.

2. Hard copy application with Fee :

In this type of method application is posted as Hard copy with fees paid through challan. Again this method also takes too much time in data-entry of application forms. Online Application mechanism with fees, explained below in point No.4 is recommended instead of this method, for faster processing of Applications.

3. Online Application with DD/ Cheque :

This method is simple registration of Candidate where every candidate who falls under the criteria mentioned in the Notice provided by Client, can register himself/herself. Candidate will fill his/her basic details/ Academics/ Upload Photos/ Work Experience details. And based on the Criteria candidates are filtered and the one who matches all criteria are then allowed to download admit cards and further process takes place.

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4. Online Application with Fee payment through Bank Challan :

In this method first Bank challan has to be submitted in Bank and the Unique Transaction number has to be submitted while registering for Online Application form. After Validation of the Challan Number, candidate is marked as Approved.

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5. Online Application with Fee payment through Net Banking/Payment Gateway :

In this method Online Payment is submitted through Payment Gateway after successful submission of Online Application Form.

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