Recruitment Defence OFB and DGQA

The OFB or Ordnance Factory Board and DGQA or Directorate General of Quality Assurance are two military government organizations that have been using the Addmen OMR software for several years.

The Ordnance Factory Board is an organization that handles all the activities from research to production to marketing of products and systems required for land, air and sea. On the other hand, the DGQA is an organization that ensures that quality materials and processes are used in the development of defense technologies and products. Both these processes use the Addmen OMR software not only for their recruitment processes but also for several other purposes like their research and production processes.

Reasons for choosing Addmen OMR software

Here is a list of OFB organizations that use the OMR software and OMR outsourcing services:

Apart from the above given organizations, the Addmen OMR software and services are also used by SQAE (Senior Quality Assurance Engineer) at Pune, Moradnagar, Kolkata, etc.