Design of OMR Answer Sheet

The OMR answer sheet is commonly used for conducting competitive entrance examinations, as a lot of candidates participate in these exams and manual checking of answer sheets will be quite time consuming. OMR sheets can be read and evaluated by the OMR answer sheet checker software. It also calculates the scores and provides the reports. The OMR software also possesses OMR sheet designing facility which helps to create different OMR sheet designs

OMR Answer Sheet Structure

The layout of an OMR answer sheet would be different for every exam. While there are some common formats of OMR answer sheets for 100 questions, 200 questions, 300 questions, etc., it is also possible to create different types of OMR sheet formats according to your requirements. While every OMR answer sheet is different, there are some parameters that are common in all. Let us take a look at them.

OMR Blocks or Bubbles:

Roll no. Blocks:

Instructional Text

Apart from these fields, the OMR sheets also have authentication areas like space for the students and invigilators to sign as well as for the institutes stamp. Certain sheets also have spaces for collecting the candidate's personal information like name, phone number, date of birth, etc.

You can find several general OMR answer sheet in PDF formats here, for downloading and reference.