How to Handle OMR Sheets
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How to Handle OMR Sheets?

OMR sheets are documents containing a set of multiple choice questions with bubbles or checkboxes for marking the answers. These are designed with specific index points on its four corners. Addmen OMR reader software detects and reads black marks from the bubble responses to process the results.

While the software facilitates a fast and automated way of checking MCQ based test papers, students and evaluators must remember a few important instructions while handling the OMR sheets; because damaged OMR sheets are likely to be rejected from the evaluation process, especially if the evaluators are instructed by the exam bodies to not entertain damaged sheets needing manual evaluation.

Instructions for Handling OMR Sheets

The Addmen OMR software is perfectly capable of processing OMR sheets with minor tears and folds. But it is better you follow these guidelines while handling OMR sheets:

Remember these guidelines on how to handle OMR sheets to ensure that your exam papers are not rejected during the evaluation process.

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