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OMR Software Accuracy

OMR Sheet Wrong Flling
The OMR accuracy of the OMR answer sheet checker software would depend on the sensitivity level of the reader software. Depending on the policy of the MCQ examination body, the OMR software can read any type of OMR bubble filling.

The biggest concern growing over a customer while searching for OMR software is its accuracy. In that case, Addmen OMR software stands out from the rest.

OMR scanner machines use hardware based intelligence for data reading, a technology that is old and overly priced. Its scanning approach fails to fulfill the bulk needs of educational institutions and IT sectors. Moreover, it requires straight prints and scans, thick papers, and accurate sheet cutting to avoid scanning errors. All these shortcomings pertaining to accuracy is overcome by most accurate Addmen OMR software.

Addmen OMR Software is 100% Accurate

Do note that accuracy does not consider mistakes occurred during data reading and collection if the rejected sheets are not properly validated in manual mode. User alerts and error notifications prompt manual assistance whenever needed, but you can set the reading in auto-mode and attend to rejected scans later.

OMR is a technology that read black marks from OMR test sheets, and correlates the collected data with the Answer Key you have defined. This makes it the fastest and most accurate solution for capturing data.

Result Generation

The OMR sheet scanner software comes as a cost-efficient and a speedy solution for quickly processing large amounts of data collected from completed test sheets. Advanced solutions that deliver reading speeds of up to 10000 sheets per hour, are also available for professionals handling heavy sheet checking projects.

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