Common Mistakes on OMR Sheets
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Common Mistakes on OMR Sheets

There are many common mistakes candidates tend to commit while filling the OMR testanswer sheet, which cause their papers to be rejected during evaluation by OMR software. Given below are common mistakes done by the candidates

Some mistakes are also done by the examination staff due to which exam of candidates get rejected during evaluations. Given below are common mistakes on omr sheets by examination staff

Mistakes Occurred By not Reading the Instructions

Some candidates tend to use fountain pens or pencils, when it’s specifically mentioned in the filling instructions that only ball point pens are to be used. Such silly mistakes can cause the sheets to be rejected during the evaluation process.

Incorrectly Filling the Roll no. and Other Information Fields

Observations from a recent survey conclude that many candidates chose to fill their roll no on the OMR answer sheets just before submitting their completed OMR sheet; but some of them did not get enough time to do so, due to which their sheets were rejected from evaluations. Many also committed to have filled incorrect roll numbers in the OMR pattern.

Not Paying Attention While Filling Information

OMR sheet pattern is different for different competitive examinations. In some exams numerical block is start from 0 to 9 and in some exams numerical blocks are arranged from 1-9, and later 0. Not paying attention to such details may lead to negative scores or cases of double filling.

Filling Information With Wrong Marker

Earlier OMR sheets were filled with pencil only but as technology gets advanced so OMR sheets need to fill with pen. Candidates do not read the instructions and sometimes end up using wrong marker.

Submission of Carbon Copy

This is worst mistake done by candidates. They take the original OMR answer sheet with them and submit carbon copy to examiner. Candidates need to pay attention while submitting their sheet to ensure they submit the original and keep the carbon copy for themselves.

Darken More than One Bubble

As it is impossible to do correction on OMR sheets, when candidates darken the wrong bubble on sheets accidentally, they try to correct it by scratching it off and then filling the correct bubble too. The OMR sheet evaluation software detects such entries as double marking and counts the response as an incorrect answer.

Rough Work on Sheet

Among the list of common mistakes OMR sheets done by the candidates, doing rough work on the sheet is a prevalent case. This is likely to result in rejections while scanning the sheets using the OMR scanner or software.

Many candidates fill the half details on sheet with pen and rest of the details with the pencil. This mistake will cost the candidate a lot and it can lead to cancellation of examination. Candidate’s needs to fill the details with the marker as instructed. Read the instructions thoroughly before filling details on sheet.

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