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Question and Answers on Classification and Tagging of Questions

How are the Questions Classified?

The question paper software comes with strong tagging and filtering systems, which you can use to classify the question papers into various categories on the basis of subject, chapter, topic, class, unit, difficulty level etc. All these filters can be used to conveniently browse through a number of question banks you have created and stored in the library.

All the data pertaining to the properties are stored in the built-in database. The actual content including the questions linked to their respective answers are stored in a Question Reference or QR file.

Question Tagging and Filtering Systems

Does the Software Support User-defined Filters?

Yes. The Question and Answer Software allows you to set your own filters. You can use the Question Bank Panel to rename the existing filters and also define your own filtering properties for conveniently classifying the questions. While you can create and store simple filters based on difficulty level, marking systems, and the type of questions; you can also set nested filters, such as Unit-Chapter-Topic etc.

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