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Question Paper Generator Software Free Demonstration Videos

Addmen OMR software is known for reading and processing completed OMR test sheets quickly and accurately. Addmen also provides the Question Paper Generator software as a separate module of the OMR software. With this software, users can create different types of question papers both, for MCQ based OMR exams as well as for subjective type questions.

The question paper generation software follows four steps to get the sheets printed. The best thing about this software is that it makes processing of generating question papers an easy and smooth process. Here we have presented four videos of each of the steps. Viewing these videos will ensure that you will understand the entire process in detail.

Part 1 - Introduction to Main Interface Demo Video

The main interface is where you see the question paper generator software along with the OMR answer sheet checker software and OMR form reader software.

The question paper generation software works in two essential steps: Question Bank and Generate Paper panels.

Clicking on Question Bank will take you to a question bank panel where you can categorize the questions into six filters, including Unit/Subject, Chapter, Topic, Category, Level and Type.

The video provides detail guidelines about how to create categories or filters.

Part 2 - Building the Question Bank

This video provides inputs on how to build a question bank. You are free to create the list of questions in a Word document. The questions can be of different types and of different languages. You can create bilingual question papers too.

The test paper generator does not actually store the questions; it stores the unique identity number that it assigns to each question.

Once the questions are entered, you can divide the questions as per the categories or filters you created in the first stage.

Part 3 - Create Blue Print: Define Test Paper

The third video is about how you create a blue print for a question paper

To create the blue print, you must specify the test subject, topic or chapter, the number of questions and the type of questions you need.

You can also select the various difficulty levels and the scores for each question.


Part 4 - Generate Question Paper Output

The last video is about actually generating the question paper. For this, you have to go to the main interface and click on Generate Paper.

Here you have to select the blueprint and select an appropriate layout for the same

Once you click on Generate Paper button, the test paper would be presented to you in Word file.

You can also create different sets of the same question paper to prevent cheating amongst students, by shuffling the questions.

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