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Question Paper Generator Software Free Demo Video: How to Create Blue Print/Define Question Paper

Out of three modules of Addmen OMR Software, Question paper generator software is one of them. Question paper generator software helps create questions papers easily and quickly. The process begins with the question bank generation software where you have to sort the questions into several categories. After this is done, you can create question papers any time you want. We have presented a demo video that will show you how to create a blue print of the question paper using the test paper generator software.

Part 3 - Create Blue Print: Define Test Paper

Here is a video that would guide you through the process of creating the blueprint of the question paper.

After this process is done, the only thing remaining to do is to actually generate the question paper using the question paper generator.

Part 1 - Introduction to Main Interface
Part 2 - Building the Question Bank
Part 4 - Generate Question Paper Output

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